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FAQ about Vilnius congress center

When will the technical project be introduced?

The technical project of Vilnius Congress Centre was handed over to SE Turto bankas at the end of August 2020. Following an independent expertise, the project will be accepted, and it will be possible to present it to market participants and the public.

Who is preparing the technical project?

The technical project is being prepared by a consortium consisting of companies Archimenai, Institute of Design and Restoration, Vilnius Architecture Studio and a.s.a. Sigitas Kuncevičius architecture studio.

How much will the technical project cost?

The total amount of the contract is 722.37 thousand euros including VAT. EUR 613.47 thousand out of this amount will be paid for the preparation of the technical project, and the remaining EUR 108.9 thousand – for the project implementation supervision will be paid during the execution of the contract work.

When VCC will start operating?

Vilnius Congress Centre will start operating in 2023, after the reconstruction of the existing building. There will be up to ten halls in the new complex. These halls will serve as venues of congresses, conferences and other cultural events. 3 catering establishments for the service of event attendees will operate in the premises of the centre, and up to 4,800 visitors will be able to visit the centre simultaneously.

What events will take place in VCC?

Conferences, congresses, various cultural events, seminars are planned to take place in Vilnius Congress Centre. There will be up to ten halls in the new complex. It will be possible to transform them according to the need and the nature of events. 3 catering establishments for the service of event attendees will operate in the premises of the centre, and up to 4,800 visitors will be able to visit the centre simultaneously.

How VCC went into the hands of the state?

In 2015, by the resolution of the Government, SE Turto bankas acquired from Šiaulių bankas to the ownership of the state a complex of Vilnius Palace of Concerts and Sports in Vilnius, Rinktinės str. 1, for an amount of 5.6 million euros, and currently manages it under the trust right. The project has been recognised as an economic project that is important to the state

Why will the operator be selected first?

The tender procedure for the selection of the operator has not been launched yet. The tender procedure is planned to be launched in 2021. The operator will operate in Vilnius Congress Centre. If the operator will be selected before the tender procedure for contract works, it could be involved in the process and make comments on how best to adapt the building for future activities, and could also start planning events.

What about the Jewish cemetery? Where are its boundaries?

In 2009, an agreement was signed between the Government of the Republic of Lithuania and the Lithuanian Jewish Community. It established the boundaries of the old Vilnius Jewish cemetery in Snipiskes. Zones A (the cemetery) and B (protective zones) were established by the agreement. Vilnius Palace of Concerts and Sports itself does not fall within the territory of the cemetery.

In December 2019, the project implementer SE Turto bankas, the Lithuanian Jewish Community and the Committee for the Preservation of Jewish Cemeteries in Europe agreed on technical solutions of Vilnius Congress Centre and of the territory as well as on further development of the project.

Why is VCC renovated instead of being demolished?

In 2006, the building was included in the Register of Cultural Heritage. Vilnius Palace of Concerts and Sports is the most typical and prominent examples of brutalist architectural style in Lithuania. It has a roof of unique cable-stayed structure. There are also construction and interior elements in the building itself which have been recognized as elements with valuable properties to be protected. For these reasons, in order to preserve the property of cultural heritage, the building cannot be demolished but adapted to the activities of the congress centre through its renovation.

How much will the project cost?

The project is financed from the budget of the Republic of Lithuania. The preliminary price of the project will be known after the approval of the technical project.

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