On 8 July 2020, Vilnius City Municipality Council approved the agreement between Vilnius municipality and SE Turto bankas for the management of the territory the Old Jewish cemetery site in Snipiskes, Vilnius.

As part of the management of the territory of the former cemetery, the installation of footpaths and flowering lawns is planned, also renovation of coatings/pavements, small architectural elements and lighting of the territory, installation of irrigation system for the territory, as well as performance of other necessary territory management works, such as renovation of existing retaining walls and stairs, installation of information signs on the local history. All works that are planned to be performed in the territory and protection zone of the site of the former cemetery have been harmonized with the Lithuanian Jewish Community and the Committee for the Preservation of Jewish Cemeteries in Europe. It has been agreed that this reconstruction would help to both protect the access area to Vilnius Congress Centre and to adapt it for cognition and use.

The territory of the former cemetery will be managed in accordance with the principle of respect and tranquility, and by sticking to a particularly strict protection regime. Excavation works are not possible in the territory of the Jewish cemetery, on this reason, new pavements, a meadow and flower beds will be installed on the existing concrete slabs covered with a soil.

For the same reasons, no new trees will be planted in this territory – the existing trees will be preserved. Footpaths and ramps will be also installed on the existing concrete slabs.

A half a meter-high barrier will be formed using metal beds. It will prevent pedestrians from walking in the territory of the former cemetery.

The preliminary price of environmental management works for the entire territory of the former cemetery is 3.4 million euros. Part of Vilnius city municipality in the preliminary value of the project is about 2.35 million euros, and part of the SE Turto bankas – about 1 million euros.

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